About us

About us

Born in the beautiful Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Dr. Svetlana Aparı has made a long career in dentistry. From graduating cum-laude from the Medical University of Sofia in 1985, through achieving her specialization in the field of dental surgery in 1991, she has always sought new challenges for herself in the field of dental hygiene. Seeking further improvement, Dr. Aparı has completed a 2-year course of dental surgery at the prestigious Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich, Germany in 1994. Over the years, Dr. Aparı has built a strong presence in the Sofia dental scene, with founding and developing 3 “Koronadent” – branden dental clinics throughout the city. In 2020, after having the desire for some change in scenery, Dr. Aparı moved to beuatiful Antalya, Turkey to start her new clinic in the heart of the city. Since then, she has managed to gain popularity among other dentists and clinics in this beautiful city, with key differentiating points being her European diploma, international experience and exposure as well as her ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages (Turkish, Bulgarian, English, Russian, German), always done in the name of her patients.

Our clinic

The modern clinic, opened in mid-2021, is located in the heart of Antalya, right next to the newly opened shopping center and city theater, and easily accessible as it is located on the tram stop “Doğu Garajı”. The clinic has multiple operating theatres, a cozy terrace where patients can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee prior or after the treatment and a fully-air-conditioned waiting room for the hot summer days. In the vicinity of the clinic one can find the “MarkAntalya” shopping center, the “Kaleiçi” historic city center and a variety of good restaurants and places to enjoy some coffee. There is a brand-new Starbucks opened right accross the clinic. The clinic also features complimentary fast WiFi for patients. Unlike other major clinics in the vicinity of Antalya, we are small-scale, we do not focus on mass dental tourism, as we have captured a good percentage of both locals and expats living in Antalya. Furthermore, we firmly believe that dentistry is a medical profession and Dr. Aparı stands by the Hippocratic oath she swore to uphold and always suggests and provides treatments which are in the patient’s favor. We are always happy to offer our international visitors the best possible experience, which is always handled on a case-by-case basis.


When visiting our clinic, one can not miss the beautiful beaches, international atmosphere and amazing vibes the city of Antalya has to offer. There is truly something for everyone to do here, from the lazy days spent at some of the most beautiful blue-flag beaches around, through shopping at the shopping malls scattered around the city, through enjoying traditional Turkish food and exploring the cultural attractions the city has to offer. When visiting, feel free to ask our staff for some recommendations and we’d be happy to assist in making your trip a memorable one.

Staying in Antalya

Now, the question of accommodation is always one that needs to be addressed. As we do not focus on mass dental tourism, we have taken the approach of including accommodation options solely upon request. We are always happy to recommend different accommodation options when asked and patients are always able to book themselves should they choose to do so. We have certain hotels we partner with to provide better rates to our patients, and we have some in different pricing categories. We are also able to arrange transfers by car or taxi for patients should the need be there. Please let us know when making your requests.